Tongue Drum


Tuned wooden tongue drum (also sometimes known as log drum or slit drum) played with rubber mallets. Free to download!

Product Description


Classification:  Pitched Percussion
Specimen Samples: 48kHz, 16 bit
Sample pool depth:  5x RR, 4 velocity layers
Format:  Kontakt 3.5+


This beautiful wooden tongue drum (also known as a log drum or slit drum), was recorded completely dry and mapped chromatically across the entire keyboard. Try the extended bass notes for a new take on bass marimba.


  • Tongue Drum :  This is the original, raw, library.  It has 5 round robins and 4 velocity layers.  The original 9 tones of the drum have been stretched to cover the entire keyboard range.  Try the bass range for a great woody low-end punch.
  • Air Tongues : This is a processed and smeared variation useful for ambient pads and textures.  Laboratory researchers felt that even pads deserve round robin, thereby making this texture instrument feel more natural than purely synthesized pads.  The mod wheel is defaulted to control the cutoff of a lowpass filter.
  • Long-Bowed : Extending the resonance of the original recordings, this patch simulates what bowing a tongue drum might sound like.  The ADSR is controllable from the front panel.
  • Long-Mallet :  Another lengthened sample, giving an alternate version of the drum which has more resonance and less “thunk”.
  • VibraTongue :  Similar to the Long-Mallet, though with a mod-wheel controlled vibrato mechanism.


All patches are in Kontakt 3.5 format, and require the full retail version of Kontakt. 133MB download size.

Free to use and distribute.  These samples may be used in any commercial and non-commercial works without restriction or fees of any kind.


-   We at the lab thank you for your continuing support of important audio research.   -



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