Jailcell Slammer

Jailcell Slammer

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Jailcell Slammer is a collection of ready-to-use one-hit impacts and effects created from recordings of the actual jail cell doors of Alcatraz prison. Includes Hits, Ramps, Sub-booms, and FX.

Product Description

Impacts and Hits from Alcatraz Prison


Classification: Impact Percussion
Specimen Samples: 48kHz, 24 bit
Sample pool depth: 117MB. 57 samples. 16 patches.
Format: Kontakt 4.2+


The giant metal slamming of prison doors makes for very rich source material when it comes to impact percussion. Taken from field recordings of multiple cell doors slamming shut in a reverberant cell block at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, CA, these sounds will be some of the most massive, and punishing, in your collection. 


Main Hits and Impacts:

  • All Subs
  • Big Slams
  • Far and Wide
  • Master (all)
  • Ramps and Rolls
  • Simple Hits
  • Tight Hit-Stack

Design and FX:

  • Bot Blast
  • Escape Pod
  • Hanger Bay Doors
  • Jailers Hat
  • Night Sonar
  • Prison Pulse
  • Radio Transmit
  • Searchlight
  • Viking DigiHorn


  • Requires full retail Kontakt 4.2 for use (will only run in demo mode in Kontakt Player)
  • Library is directly downloadable. Purchased via secure PayPal order.
  • No special authorizer or copy-protection dongles required.  Your download link is emailed to you.
  • All raw samples are accessible for further manipulation and editing if desired.
  • Includes 13 custom synthesized reverb IRs.
  • All patches derived entirely from field recordings made at Alcatraz prison.
  • *Note* These samples are not permitted to be used in isolation on trailers. Read the license agreement here for details.




Welcome to Alcatraz.

While our field recordist was taking a public tour of the famous San Francisco prison, a special presentation was given on the sound of the cell doors. Entire hallways of cells can be closed simultaneously by a single operator at the end of the row, filling the space with a thunderous metal tremor.

These huge metallic impacts were the starting point, and we at the lab took those recordings and created a set of hits, ramps, and sub-booms that are sure to cause a riot.

The library includes a single patch with all the processed hits, ramps, and subs, as well as a collection of designed patches for out-of-the-box textures, booms, and madness. Individual impact types (Subs, Big Hits, Ramps) have their own patches, allowing those samples to be spread out along the keyboard for more pitch control.

The simple user interface offers optional distortion and reverb (with a custom collection of 13 synthesized reverb impulses), and controls for velocity sensitivity of volume and/or filter.

As always with Audio Genetics Lab libraries, all of the samples are accessible for your own mangling and modification outside of Kontakt. Drop them straight into your project or load them into your favorite soundmasher.


-   We at the lab thank you for your continuing support of important audio research.   -



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