April Fools Library: “Epic Epic” is now available

April 1.


For years, composers have been yearning for the biggest sounds…the hardest impacts…and power of the grandest scales.

The search for the most epic, cutting edge, and next-generation instruments have led sound designers to the farthest reaches of the globe in search of a revolution.

Audio Genetics Lab has joined the uprising.



Epic Epic. 


After a year of working on private contracts for composers, we knew that to celebrate a return to public products we would need something bigger, something better, something more epic than ever heard before.

We went straight to the source.

What could be more epic than the actual word “Epic”? This collection of percussion, ambiences, and effects has been crafted from emotional, real performances of the word “Epic”, redefining the sampling world and industry in two thunderous syllables. Feel the opening bellow of the “E”, the warm percussives of “p”, the crisp highs of the “i”, and the sharp snaps of the “c” in this one-of-a-kind performance instrument. Included for a limited time is the Extra-Special Extended Library patch which includes additional articulations,such as “Huge”, “Boom”, and more.

The new “Haule” reverb IR

And we didn’t stop there. These instruments really come alive when you use our custom “Haule” convolution reverb impulse response. The virtual instrument world is flooded with imitation Hall reverbs, relying on churches, large recording spaces, concert venues, and mathematical models as their “hall”. Again, we went straight to the source. This hall reverb is an actual hall, inaccessible to the public and made specially available only to Audio Genetics Lab. Only a real hall reverb can provide the subtle resonances and reflections of both closed and open doors to other rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. With Audio Genetics Lab’s “Haule”, you can walk down the path to realism,and open the doors of possibility.

Epic Epic features unprecedented advances in button technology by bringing you the ability to access revolutionary audio effects (present since Kontakt 2) that were previously only available by selecting them from a complicated “drop-down menu”. Now,you can finally get to these nearly decade-old built-in effects with our incredible array of custom UI button placements. Some of our new buttons and knobs were so revolutionary,easy-to-use,and intuitive that we have even removed them completely from view. This allows you to truly feel the music and get straight to composing without worrying about technical roadblocks like delay times,envelopes,and filter cut-offs.

The release of Epic Epic is accompanied by the simultaneous announcement of Epic Epic Pro, which will feature all new content recorded directly to analog tape using vintage microphones. These recordings truly shine in their raw,vintage glory after being processed through our digital noise reduction, filtering, compression, sample-rate conversion, and Kontakt programming.

Epic Epic Pro will also give you access to our new sample playback engine “Work”, for the working composer. Featuring all the same or fewer features of Kontakt, but with less clutter, confusion, flexibility, and compatibility. This new platform is currently in beta testing, and is guaranteed to be incredibly efficient when run on a 2.4 GHz Mac Pro with 5 gigs of RAM, running OS 10.6.7, between the hours of 7:00am –11:45pm GMT, when the average humidity is between 10% and 65%.


Listen to demos of our newest Audio Genetics Lab creation, Epic Epic, and download your free copy from the page below. Requires a full retail copy of Kontakt 4 (or more recent).

Click below for more detailed information about this new instrument collection.